Can gene therapy cure depression?

Mental disorders still carry a stigma even in this era of progressive thinkers, a century after Freud conceived of psychoanalysis. Many are forced to hide behind polite smiles, feeling disgraced by a medical condition they have no control over. Advances in neuroscience research, however, may just change all that. more … [Read more...]

Trade groups buck BIR disclosure rule

SEVERAL business groups are opposing a requirement taking effect this year for the mandatory disclosure of tax-free investments to the government, a move that may violate the public's right to privacy and deposit secrecy. In a position paper, groups representing big corporations, the financial industry and professionals such as accountants criticized the finance department's … [Read more...]

PSEi touches 8,000 in intraday trade

STOCKS breached the psychological 7,800 level before paring gains at the closing bell, still ending at a new record high Monday. The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) ended Monday's session at 7,899.41, up 0.27 percent or 21.45 points. This was the 22nd time the PSEi closed at a new record high in 2015, with […] more … [Read more...]